About Joseba Umbelina

Joseba is a passionate traveller and photographer from Spain, currently living in Dubai. He has visited more than 45 countries around the world including Greenland, Ethiopia, Yemen, Chile and Cambodia. He's always willing to discover new places, meet new people and share stories with fellow travellers.

Kazbegi: Beautiful Mountain Escape in Georgia

December 27, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Kazbegi, also known as Stepantsminda, is a small town north of Georgia and located 10km away from the Russian border. It's located in a beautiful valley with the Kazbek Mountain [...]

Lofoten: The Lost Paradise in Norway

December 26, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , |

The Lofoten Islands is an archipelago of northern Norway, located above the Arctic Circle and a very special place: it's under the influence of one of the largest temperature anomalies [...]

Kiribati: Amazing Beach Retreat in the Pacific

December 26, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Kiribati is an insular country formed by thirty three coral atolls in the Micronesia, west of the pacific Ocean. Beautiful paradise islands with a very traditional and genuine way of [...]

Copenhagen: Enjoying the European Lifestyle in Denmark

December 26, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Last year in my trip to Greenland I had the chance to spend an afternoon in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. I barely knew it and turned out to [...]

Tien Shan: The Celestial Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

December 26, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Last year in August I was feeling like doing a good hiking trip, walking and camping surrounded by nature and enjoying the fresh air of the mountains. So I started [...]

Wanderlust: The Movie

December 26, 2015|Categories: Wanderlust|

Hollywood couldn't resist and in 2012 they released the Wanderlust movie, an American comedy directed by David Wain and with a cast led by Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. The [...]