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travel photography

Capturing those memories and special moments we live when we travel it’s something that we personally enjoy a lot. That’s why we have created this section to share with you tips, advice, photo contests, workshops, courses and inspiration from professional photographers.

Professional photography sites: National Geographic Photography, Getty Images and Magnum Photos. Some of the best travel photographers: Steve McCurry, George Steinmetz, David Alan Harvey and Cory Richards.

Travel Photography Articles

The Great Beauty of the African Wildlife

July 31, 2016|Categories: Travel Photography|Tags: |

Nick Brandt is a British photographer known as the author of the book On This Earth. There he portrayed the wildlife of east Africa with a very personal style. He [...]

National Geographic Traveller Contest Winners 2016

July 2, 2016|Categories: Travel Photography|

Recently they have announced the winners of the famous National Geographic Traveller Photography Contest, which gathers some of the best travel photos of the year. Let's take a look at [...]

Ramadan 2016 Around the World

June 15, 2016|Categories: Travel Photography|

Ramadan is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam and an important part of the culture and traditions of the Muslim people. It takes places during the ninth month of [...]

The Best Travel Tripods for your Camera in 2016

February 12, 2016|Categories: Travel Photography|

Having a nice travel tripod is quite essential if you like photography while traveling the world. The tripod should meet some requirements: need to be small enough to fit in [...]

Children of the Ocean: Artisanal Fishing Around the World

January 20, 2016|Categories: Travel Photography|

Fishing is the way of living for many people around the world and even being in a so industrialized and modern world, is still possible to find real artisans using [...]

Best Travel Photos of 2015

December 29, 2015|Categories: Travel Photography|

The year is almost finished and is time to look back and chose the best of 2015. The experts from the photography community 500px have chosen the top 10 travel [...]