Wanderlust Definition & Meaning


Wanderlust is a strong desire or urge to wander, travel and explore the world. The term got trendy a few years ago around Internet, generating many memes, images, blogs and a movement of people who desires to travel above everything else.

The origin of the term comes from the German words wandern, who means to hike and not to wander as many people think. Together with lust as desire, it could be translated as desire to hike, even though worldwide the common meaning is wider and it’s used to represent a strong desire to travel.

Wanderlust Symptoms

Do you want to know if you are suffering from it? These are some clear signs of it:

1. “Settling down” is your biggest fear in life
2. Day dreaming about past trips or new places you want to discover
3. Feeling grumpy or upset after your last trip
4. Always finding a a budget and days off to keep traveling, no matter what
5. Being constantly checking flight offers and browsing the Internet looking for travel destinations

In any case we believe wanderlust is not precisely a sickness but a perfectly healthy representation of the human curiosity. Traveling is no doubt one of the best experiences is life, discovering new places and people around the world it’s something that enriches you like nothing else. So we really encourage you to embrace it and keep exploring the world!

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