Cies Islands is an archipelago of three islands at the mouth of the Cies estuary within the municipality of Vigo, in the northwestern Spain. It was declared natural park in 1980 and it’s part of the the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. In 2007 the British newspaper The Guardian chose one of it’s beaches, Rhodes, as the best beach in the world renowned among several candidates.

Rhodes beach in the Cies Islands

Rhodes beach in the Cies Islands from the Mirador do Principe

It’s pretty amazing to see turquoise color waters and white sand beaches in Spain, most common in the Caribbean or Polynesian. Heavenly place and quite unknown for most of the people, even among the Spaniards. The park consist of three islands, Monteagudo (Sharp Mount), do Faro (Lighthouse Island) and San Martiño (Saint Martin).

The landscape is mountainous in one side with several cliffs 100m high and caves. The other side is covered by trees and bushes which makes possible having beaches and sand dunes behind. Worth exploring!

Our Lady beach

Our Lady beach, also known as Carracido

Monteagudo cave

Monteagudo cave

Figueiras beach

Figueiras beach, also known as German beach

Dos Viños beach

Dos Viños beach in Monteagudo

Cies Islands

Aerial view of the Cies Islands

How to get to Cies Islands: You can only get to the Cies Islands by sea from the port of Vigo, city with an airport by itself. There are daily boats but careful because there is also a limit of 2,200 visitors a day, so better to book a place just in case.

How to move around Cies Islands: use a boat to hop from island to island and just walk once you get there, there are different routes and view points you can reach.

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What to do in Cies Islands: enjoy the landscape, take a walk, snorkeling or swimming. There is a camping site, supermarket, visitor center and a restaurant.

You can find more information in English on the official tourism page of Vigo.

Credit: photos by Teresalaloba and Henrique Pereira

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