Kazbegi, also known as Stepantsminda, is a small town north of Georgia and located 10km away from the Russian border. It’s located in a beautiful valley with the Kazbek Mountain as the highest peak in the country with 5,047 meters. Surrounded by an amazing natural landscape, I had the luck to visit and enjoy it in April 2014 😉

Mount Kazbek

Kazbek mountain with the Gergeti Trinity church on the left

The town is quite small but with enough services for a pleasant vacation, their are a few stores, cafes, restaurants and a bank with an ATM if needed. I think it’s ideal for a three of four day trip to complete the different trekking tracks they have and also to taste their nice food, with a clear Russian influence. Mandatory to taste the red wine, very famous in the region and I can assure it’s a very good one!

Gergeti Trinity Church

The Gergeti Trinity Church, also called Tsminda Sameba

Truck in the rural Kazbegi

Truck in the rural Georgia

Ananuri Castle

Ananuri Castle, old fortress built in the XIII century and owned by the Aragvi Dutche

Caucasus Mountains

The snowy Caucasus Mountains

Typical Georgian food

Typical Georgian food, don’t miss the dumplings!

Kazbegi Church

Stone tombstone in a church

Kazbegi Mountains

The beautiful landscape in Georgia

Kazbegi waterfalls

Waterfalls on the way to trek in the Juta Valley


Mount Kazkeb with Kazbegi below

Sheep flock in Georgia

Sheep flock crossing the road from Tbilisi to Kazbegi

How to get to Kazbegi: You can get to Kazbegi renting a car or by bus from the Tbilisi International Airport. After a few hours, many curves in the road and most likely bumping into a sheep flock, you enter the valley and start enjoying the beautiful landscape.

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Where to stay in Kazbegi: There are several good looking hotels and guest houses in the town. I stayed in Vasili’s Guesthouse, run by a very kind and energetic grandpa that also offers guide and driving services.

How to move around Kazbegi: You will need a car to move around, rented from Tbilisi or just make an agreement with a local driver from the town, probably your hotel or guesthouse owner can help you with it.

What to do in Kazbegi: Practice trekking, paragliding, horse riding or skiing in winter.

Credit: photos by Joseba Umbelina

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