Kiribati is an insular country formed by thirty three coral atolls in the Micronesia, west of the pacific Ocean. Beautiful paradise islands with a very traditional and genuine way of life. It barely has modern infrastructures and most of its people make a living from fishing, live in wood huts and use canoes as their main transportation method.

The highest point on Kiribati is just seven meters above sea level and predictions say that in less than hundred years the sea level is going to raise three meters, reaching its drinkable water reservations and making the island inhabitable. A beautiful place with expiration date..


Riding a Tungaru canoe

Kiribati beach

Children playing under a palm tree in Betio

Kiribati diving underwater

Making a trap for eels on the Abaiang island

Kiribati tree

Tree on a inhabited island

Kiribati sunset

Sunset in Tabiteuea

Kiribati plantations

Seaweed farm on a lake in North Tabiteuea

Kiribati clams

Catching giant clamps

Kiribati cave

Hot spring cave on Banaba island

Kiribati boat

Tuna fisherman going back home in his canoe

How to get to Kiribati: by plane to the international airports of Tarawa, Kiritimati or Kanton Islands and from Fiji or Honolulu. Take a look to and Nauru Airline for detailed flight schedules and departing points.

Where to stay in Kiribati: there is a wide range of option, from non expensive motels and home stays to beautiful and pricey resorts by the sea.

How to move around Kiribati: on the main islands to can rent a car or move by bus. Between the islands to can move by plane or boat, they have several ferry services.

What to do in Kiribati: snorkeling, scuba diving and sun bathing are the main activities. You can go also fishing, bird watching, surfing and they offer some cultural activities in the main towns.

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More information at the official tourism page.

Credit: photos by George Steinmetz

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