Last year in August I was feeling like doing a good hiking trip, walking and camping surrounded by nature and enjoying the fresh air of the mountains. So I started looking for possible destinations until I found a photo of the Khan Tengri in Tien Shan, a spectacular 7,010m pyramid in the unknown Kyrgyzstan:

Khan Tengri Mountain in Kyrgyzstan

Khan Tengri, 7.010m peak in Kyrgyzstan

I loved it, so I did my research and decided to travel to Central Asia to do a 10 day trek. The trek consisted in going up the Inylchek glacier until arriving to the Khan Tengri base camp. It was the hardest trip I have ever done, with 7-8 hours per day walking on snow and very cold nights. Even so, it was the best trekking I’ve done so far, being able to gaze a really beautiful landscape..

The place is located in Tien Shan, also called The Celestial Mountains. It’s an area very unknown for most of the people that hosts the most important mountain range of Central Asia with peaks above 7,000m and several glaciers. I leave you with a gallery of the best photos from the trip:

Pobeda Peak

Pobeda Peak, the highest mountain in Kyrgyzstan with 7,439m

Tien Shan lake

Hiking in Tien Shan

Inylchek Glacier

Sunset at the Inylchek Glacier

Hiking in Tien Shan

Tien Shan Mountains

Tien Shan Mountains

Camping in Tien Shan

Kyrgyzstan Mountains

How to get to Tien Shan: arrive to the country through the Manas International Airport in Bishkek. Then head by car to the town of Karakol and to reach the beginning of the trek, you need to use a special military truck able to move easily through the snow.

Where to stay in Tien Shan: The local agency Ak-Sai manages several camps along the way as well as transportation, guides and everything needed for the trek. You can also camp using your own tent.

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How to move around Tien Shan: On the track walking is the only option, maybe horse riding as well but not sure about it. Once you get the base camp, you can go back by helicopter and enjoying an amazing flight over the region.

What to do in Tien Shan: trekking and camping, enjoy the nature!

Credit: photos by Joseba Umbelina

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