There are some incredible travel destinations around the world where it’s really cheap traveling around, which makes them ideal for budget travellers or people who just want to spend long time in a beautiful place. These are some of those cheap travel destinations in Asia and South America.

1. Cambodia: Cambodia is the best example with amazing places like Angkor Wat (in the photo) and hundreds of temples around Siem Reap. In addition to living a discovery vacation, there are cheap places where to go diving. Reference: A complete meal it’s rarely above 5$ and the cheapest bear just for 25 cents!

Cheap trip to Cambodia


2. Indonesia: Beautiful country with so many interesting places tu visit and very cheap, that’s why is one of the favourite destinations for budget travellers. Paradise islands, volcanoes, beaches, temples.. it has it all! Reference: Full meal for about 13,500 rupees, just 1$!

Cheap trip to Indonesia


3. China: Far from the big cities where prices can go up like crazy. China is a really big country with many amazing places to visit. Specially cheap the transport, as a reference: A normal taxi drive for barely 1$.

Cheap trip to China


4. Guatemala: Country with many natural wonders like the waterfalls in the photo, very genuine villages and places where to buy traditional handmade items for a very good price. Reference: A pretty good meal only for 3$.

Cheap trip to Guatemala


5. Honduras: Many travellers think about Costa Rica when talking about Central America. But Honduras is becoming one of the best destinations for budget travellers. Reference: Full meal for about 65 lempira, just 3$!

Cheap trip to Honduras


6. Nepal: It’s a country still recovering from the earthquake in April 2015. But its economy relies a lot in tourism so now more than ever, we should try to visit it. In addition, it’s a very cheap place. References: a meal for 150 rupees (1$) and sleeping in a guesthouse for about 4$!

Cheap trip to Nepal


7. Nicaragua: Some travellers believe Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica, undoubtedly one of the travel destination on the raise. It’s a nice place for travellers who seek adventure and in particular, surfing lovers. Reference: Sleeping in a shared room for just 5$.

Cheap trip to Nicaragua


8. Peru: You must visit Machu Picchu, no excuse! And you can also go to the Cordillera Blanca if you love hiking. Reference: Taxi tour around Lima for just 7$.

Cheap trip to Peru


9. India: Always one of the preferred destinations for budget travellers. An amazing place and very cheap. Reference: A plate of dhal and rice for about 40 rupees (60 cents!) and traveling on a train for just a couple of dollars.

Cheap trip to India


10. Laos: Probably the less visited destination in Southeast Asia, which makes it ideal if you are looking for a very genuine and non packed with tourists place. Reference: Street meal for 1$ and a shared room for just 10$ in the capital!

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