Are you undecided about where to travel in February? Let us help you finding your destination based on the weather conditions and seasonality of different places around the world. There are some destinations that are just impossible to visit certain times of the year so it’s critical to know which one before taking a decision. These are in our opinion the best places to travel in February:

Where to go in February in Europe: The old Europe is still under very cold temperatures but even so it’s a very good destination if you are looking for specific entertainments like skiing: chose among many sky resorts in the Alp between France and Italy or even in the Pyrenees. If you are looking for a warmer weather you can try the southern Spain where you can enjoy temperatures around 15-20 degrees or other destinations that enjoy a cool weather most of the year like Malta.

Our choice for 2017: go to chase northern lights in Norway! If you are not afraid of the cold, go to the northern Europe since February is one of the best months to see the aurora borealis during the night.

where to go in february in europe

Northern lights in Norway

Where to go in February in Asia: many countries around Asia are now suffering their rainy season so you need to be very careful when choosing your destination. Anyway you have nice destinations like Burma (Myanmar) with its amazing pagoda heritage, Thailand with hiking in the north or island hopping in the south, and south of India with Kerala among other places.

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Our choice for 2017: enjoy an adventure in Sabah! Now is the perfect time to visit the northern Malaysia, go to see the giant turtles in Turtle Beach, orangutans at Sepilok, Kinabatangan rainforest or reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

where to go in february in asia

Kinabalu Mountain peak

Where to go in February in Africa:

The north of Africa is still quite cold with temperatures around 10 degrees. Could be a good time to do a safari out of the peak season in countries like Tanzania or Botsuana but be aware of the weather since the wet season is close around there. It’s the perfect time to visit central Africa with Benin and Togo.

Our choice for 2017: go swimming with sharks in Cape Town! South Africa is a nice destination this time of the year, with temperatures around 25 degrees and blue skies. You can enjoy paragliding or climb the Table Mountain.

where to go in february in africa

Cape Town in South Africa

Where to go in February in Oceania: now it’s summer in the south hemisphere so is one of the best times of the year to visit Australia, New Zealand and the islands around. Enjoy the city life of Sydney or Melbourne, the wild nature in many of the national parks of Australia or the amazing landscapes on New Zealand.

Our choice for 2016: do kayaking in Milford Sound! one the most beautiful fjords in the world is located in the south island of New Zealand, do a boat trip or better take a kayak or swim surrounded by dolphins around you.

where to go in february oceania

Milford Sound fjord in New Zealand

Where to go in February in America: the north is still very cold discarding totally places like Alaska, Canada and we wouldn’t recommended United States. In Central America is a nice time to visit Cuba and to the south, still a good time to visit amazing countries like Peru. It’s the perfect time to visit Argentina and Chile since they are still enjoying a warm summer.

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Our choice for 2017: go hiking in the Patagonia! part of both Argentina and Chile is one of the best places to do trekking in the world with the beautiful Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Torres del Paine.

where to go in february in america

Cerro Torre in the Argentinian Patagonia

I hope you liked our list of where to go in February destinations and don’t hesitate to contribute with your ideas in the comments!

Credit: photos by Nicolas Cuervo and Joseba Umbelina

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