Still undecided about where to travel in March? Let us help you finding your destination based on different criteria like the weather or seasonality. There are some destinations that are just impossible to visit certain times of the year, so it’s critical to know which ones before taking a decision. These are in our opinion the best places to travel in March:

Where to go in March in Europe: The old Europe is still under very cold temperatures but even so, it’s a very good destination if you are looking for specific entertainments like skiing: chose among many sky resorts in the Alps between France and Italy or even in the Pyrenees. If you are looking for a warmer weather, you can try the southern Spain where you can enjoy temperatures around 15-20 degrees or other destinations that enjoy a cool weather most of the year like Malta.

Our choice for 2017: Go to the beautiful Malta! low season and a bit cold but enjoying a nice sunny weather. Visit the capital city Valletta, swim on the Blue Lake in Comino, take a boat ride in Marsaxlokk or visit the “Popeye Village”.

where to go in march in europe

Sweethaven, also known as the Popeye Village in Malta

Where to go in March in Asia: Many countries around Asia are still suffering their rainy season so you need to be very careful when choosing your destination. Anyway there are some nice destinations like Burma (Myanmar) with the Inle Lake, Thailand with Chiang Mai, Laos as long as you don’t go to the mountains or the south of India.

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Our choice for 2017: Visit the Chocolate Hills in Philippines! do scuba diving in Puerto Galera, relax on the beaches of Boracay, explorer caves in Palawan or visit Bohol and it’s amazing landscape.

where to go in march in asia

Chocolate Hills at sunrise in Bohol, Philippines

Where to go in March in Africa:

The south with beautiful countries like Lesotho, Swazilandia or South Africa is a very good option this time of the year. Also traveling to central Africa with Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso or Ghana.

Our choice for 2017: Go for a hike to the Toubkal mountain in Morocco! it’s the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains and the whole north Africa with 4,167m. Trekking around and even a non technical climb to the summit it’s something possible this time of the year.

where to go in march in africa

Toubkal peak in Morocco

Where to go in March in Oceania: They are still enjoying the warm summer in the south hemisphere so it’s the perfect time to visit Australia, New Zealand, Papua or several other islands in the Pacific.

Our choice for 2017: Visit the enigmatic Uluru in Australia! this large sandstone formation is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and one of the landmarks of the country. In the area around you can find water springs, rock caves and ancient paintings worth exploring.

where to go in march in america

Classic car on the streets of Havana

We hope you liked our list of where to go in March destinations and we’re looking to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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