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travel photography

Capturing those memories and special moments we live when we travel it’s something that we personally enjoy a lot. That’s why we have created this section to share with you tips, advice, photo contests, workshops, courses and inspiration from professional photographers.

Professional photography sites: National Geographic Photography, Getty Images and Magnum Photos. Some of the best travel photographers: Steve McCurry, George Steinmetz, David Alan Harvey and Cory Richards.

Travel Photography Articles

The Great Beauty of the African Wildlife

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Nick Brandt is a British photographer known as the author of the book On This Earth. There he portrayed the wildlife of east Africa with a very personal style. He

National Geographic Traveller Contest Winners 2016

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Recently they have announced the winners of the famous National Geographic Traveller Photography Contest, which gathers some of the best travel photos of the year. Let's take a look at

Ramadan 2016 Around the World

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Ramadan is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam and an important part of the culture and traditions of the Muslim people. It takes places during the ninth month of

The Best Travel Tripods for your Camera in 2016

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Having a nice travel tripod is quite essential if you like photography while traveling the world. The tripod should meet some requirements: need to be small enough to fit in

Children of the Ocean: Artisanal Fishing Around the World

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Fishing is the way of living for many people around the world and even being in a so industrialized and modern world, is still possible to find real artisans using

Best Travel Photos of 2015

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The year is almost finished and is time to look back and chose the best of 2015. The experts from the photography community 500px have chosen the top 10 travel