Fishing is the way of living for many people around the world and even being in a so industrialized and modern world, is still possible to find real artisans using skills from an ancient past. Javier Teniente is a Spanish photographer and traveler, author of one of the most attractive photography projects that have been published lately.

Children of the Ocean is a tribute to all fishermen living from and for the sea. A sea that they love, revere and get everything they need from it to survive. But we need to make a wake up call and provoke social awareness for the preservation of marine ecosystems, regulating both fisheries and maritime pollution. 520 million people, the 8% of the world’s population, depend on fishing for welfare, either as a source of protein, income or family stability.

Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

The Children of the Ocean project wants to document the way of life of artisanal fishing communities in different parts of the world. Communities whose culture is in serious risk of disappearing, either by the globalization or the depletion of traditional fishing grounds. An ancient culture that includes a great knowledge and respect for the ecosystem, thus providing a sustainable community development without depleting natural resources.

Whale fishing in Lembata Indonesia

Whale fishing in Lembata, Indonesia

Percebeiros in Galicia Spain

Percebeiros in Galicia, Spain

Fisherman in Madagascar

Fisherman in Madagascar

Fisherman in Mui Ne Vietnam

Fisherman in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fisherman in Salvador de Bahia Brazil

Fisherman in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

FIsherman in the Saloum Delta Senegal

FIsherman in the Saloum Delta, Senegal

Night fishing in Mexico

Night fishing in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico

Fisherman in Kerala India

Fisherman in Kerala, India

Fisherman in Costa de los Mosquitos Nicaragua

Fisherman in Costa de los Mosquitos, Nicaragua

Traditional fishing in Bahoruco, Dominican Republic

Traditional fishing in Bahoruco, Dominican Republic

As a travelers we think could be very interesting to visit the fisherman towns around your destination, usually you get to know people who is been living in the place for many years and you have the chance to discover their primary way of living. Wake up early in the morning and visit the local fish market and the port, usually is very worth it.

Credit: photos and quotes by Javier Teniente

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