I’m pretty sure you’ve also been in that situation where no more clean clothes are left and there is no laundry service around. Maybe camping in the mountains or just staying in a guest house while backpacking could be difficult so I’d like to share with you some tricks you can use to do the laundry in these situation. Even though there is nothing wrong on traveling a bit smelly for a while 😉

1. Using the bathroom sink: this is the most obvious one, ideally you could carry with you a laundry soap, biodegradable if possible. Otherwise just use a common soap and should be ok.

How to do laundry while backpacking

How to do laundry while backpacking on a sink

2. Using a plastic bag: this is a good option where there is no sink around like while camping for example. You just need one of those plastic bag with a zip so the water doesn’t go out while shaking it. Put the dirty clothes inside, add water, soap, close it, shake it for a while and let it be for some time. Is not like in a washing machine but will do.

How to do laundry while camping

How to do laundry while camping with a plastic bag

3. Ask the locals: unless you are in a very isolated place, there should be local people around and most likely they wash their clothes somehow, maybe in a river nearby or just at their home. So go ahead and ask around, you could get your laundry done very cheap and somehow doing a service to the community 😉

How to do laundry while traveling

How to do laundry while traveling

Bonus: how to dry your clothes while traveling: To reduce the humidity of the clothes you can use a towel, just wrapping up each piece for a while. They also sell some drying desiccant products to reduce the humidity. But ideally you need to hang your clothes somewhere, so just in case carry with you a rope or travel clothes line with clothespin and everything 😉

This are some of the products you can buy in Amazon to do the laundry while traveling from Sea to Summit, Live Venture and other travel gear brands:

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