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Relaxing on a paradise beach under a blue sky and feeling the sun and sea breeze in your skin.. The joy of finding a hidden and deserted beach in the middle of nowhere, because even the most hardcore explorer also needs to take a break!

We’d like to help you choosing your next beach vacation showing you the best beach and island destinations: Phi Phi in Thailand, Whiteheaven in Asutralia, Rhodes in Spain, Navagio in Greece, Copacabana in Brazil or Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, all of them famous beaches around the world.

Malta: Never Ending Spring in the Mediterranean

July 25, 2016|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , |

The Republic of Malta is a small country formed by seven islands and locate south of Italy, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It enjoys a cool weather most [...]

São Tomé and Príncipe: The Unknown African Islands

July 25, 2016|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

São Tomé and Príncipe is an African country of several islands located in the Gulf of Guinea, being the main ones Sao Tome and Principe, which name the place itself. [...]

Navagio Beach: One of the Most Idyllic Places in Greece

July 4, 2016|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , |

The Navagio Beach, Ναυάγιο in Greek, it's a place of spectacular beauty located in the west coast of Greece. It's on the Zakynthos island and being surrounded by high cliffs, [...]

The Best Holiday Destinations for Summer 2016

June 17, 2016|Categories: Travel Ideas|Tags: , , |

Summer is coming, the best season to travel to so many places around the world and the time where most of the people get their desired vacation days. Let us [...]

Socotra: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

February 23, 2016|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , |

Socotra or سُقُطْرَى‎ in Arabic, is an isolated group of four islands located next to the horn of Africa but being part of Yemen. It's a very beautiful and unique [...]

The Best Beaches in the World for 2016

February 19, 2016|Categories: Travel Ideas|Tags: |

Arriving to an isolated beach under a blue sky, stepping into white sand and gazing the turquoise color water of the sea.. What a special moment! If you are looking [...]

Cies Islands: Hidden Beach Paradise in Spain

December 27, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Cies Islands is an archipelago of three islands at the mouth of the Cies estuary within the municipality of Vigo, in the northwestern Spain. It was declared natural park in [...]

Kiribati: Amazing Beach Retreat in the Pacific

December 26, 2015|Categories: Travel Destinations|Tags: , , |

Kiribati is an insular country formed by thirty three coral atolls in the Micronesia, west of the pacific Ocean. Beautiful paradise islands with a very traditional and genuine way of [...]