If you are looking for a special present for a traveler or you would like to express your love for traveling, wanderlust jewelry is a nice choice! So we’d like to show you some beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings themed with wanderlust. You can buy them at Etsy, the market place for artisans around the world.

Wanderlust Necklace

Charming necklace with an arrow compass and a wanderlust bar made in silver. The bar is 4cm long and the compass is about 2cm. It comes with a sterling silver chain from 40cm to 60cm long, at your choice. Well designed and well crafted. Check the price and buy it here.

wanderlust necklace

Wanderlust necklace in sterling silver

You can also find wanderlust necklaces in gold and quartz.

Wanderlust Bracelet

Hand made bracelet with a ribbon of hand dyed silk. The tag is made in aluminum and has a size of 5cm x 1.5cm. You can choose the ribbon that is about 1 meter long, so you can wrap it around your wrist several times as you like. Young style and very affordable. Check the price and buy it here.

Wanderlust Jewelry

Wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers

Wanderlust Bracelet

Wanderlust bracelet with a silk ribbon

There are also several wanderlust bracelets in hand forged copper, silver and gold.

Wanderlust Ring

Beautiful pewter ring, hand made in USA, wrap style and easily adjustable to any finger. The word wanderlust is stamped in a copper piece attached to the pewter. Very stylish for any occasion. Check the price and buy it here.

wanderlust ring

Wanderlust ring in pewter

They have also available wanderlust rings in silver and gold.

Wanderlust Earrings

Hand textured earrings with sterling silver hooks. The earrings themselves are made in 100% hypoallergenic aluminum with a size of 2cm each one. Unique design, very original. Check the price and buy it here.

wanderlust earrings

Wanderlust earrings in silver

Check out also the wanderlust earrings as a compass and bohemian style ones.

Hope you liked our collection of wanderlust jewelry and if you are looking for an specific item, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and we will try to help you finding it ;)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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