Hollywood couldn’t resist and in 2012 they released the Wanderlust movie, an American comedy directed by David Wain and with a cast led by Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. The movie tells the story of George and Linda, a couple used to a fast pace and busy life in New York’s Manhattan. After George getting fired by his company, they decide to move to Atlanta where George’s brothers lives. The change results a nightmare so they decide to leave and on their way out they find a community called Elysium: an idyllic paradise and community of no-hippies with a much more relaxed philosophy of life.

During their stay there, they start questioning their lives, is money necessary? it can’t buy happiness. Professional career? Who needs it! Clothes? only if someone wants it. Could be Elysium a new starting point for George and Linda? Or the perspective change will cause them more problems that anything else?

Wanderlust movie

Wanderlust movie cover

To be honest, is not one of the best movies in the world and is not very related with wanderlust itself.. but even so, they have some good gags and there is a good chemistry between the starring couple. So Id’s say is not a bad movie to watch to cheer you up a bit 😉

These are some of the funny Wanderlust Movie quotes:

Am I serious? You’re fired. You’re re-hired. Consider that a warning shot – Rick, George’s brother

We prefer ‘intentional community.’ We’re not a bunch of hippies sitting around playing guitar – Seth in Elysium

One more question, why is that grass crying? It’s crying and I feel like it’s my fault. – Linda

I’m not having any, it smells like Willie Nelson’s braids. – George

Here is the Wanderlust Movie trailer, enjoy it!

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