If you like having tattoos and love traveling, we are pretty sure sooner or later you are going to think about it.. why not have a wanderlust tattoo? several people have already done so let’s take a look to the different design and place options.

1. Plain wanderlust: this is the most common option, just the word using a pretty font and not too big, maybe on the arm, on the back under the neck or on the feet. Discrete and elegant!

Wanderlust tattoo on a foot
Wanderlust tattoo on the arm









2. Wanderlust with slight decoration: a bit more creative than using just the word, adding an extra element like an ocean wave or a paper plane that somehow fits with the topic.

Wanderlust Tattoo
Wanderlust Tatoo









3. Wanderlust within a bigger tattoo: using the word together with a compass, passport stamps or a world map. You would make sure everyone notices that you really are a travel lover!

Wanderlust tattoo with passport stamps and compass
Travel lover tattoo









In any case, with tattoos or without them, don’t stop dreaming about about your next destination 😉

Travel tattoo

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